Frequently Asked Question


Mulabucks makes money in a variety of ways, which include but are not limited to: Display advertising. Sponsored promotions. PPV advertisements.

The normal tree commission rate for the 'popular plan' users is at 30%, sometimes this may go down to 28% minimum. You'll only starting seeing a decrease in commission rates when you have up 15,000 referred users on the platform, although this totally depends on how much the Advertisers are bidding at the moment. If they are bidding high, then the commission rate will be at 30%, if low, then it goes down to a minimum of 28%. This is to ensure a 'steady' plaform for both the Viewers, VIP users and the Advertisers. NOTE - This decrease dosen't apply or affect the VIP users.

This normally happens when you have alot of referred users who are currently active on the platform. This is called a tree commission, you earn 28-30% of what ever they earn on the platform.

By default, after a new registration you'll be on a 'No Plan', here is how to upgrade to a membership plan. If you're logged into your Dashboard, click on the *Upgrade* button, choose a plan and click the *subscribe* button.

If you're logged into your Dashboard, click on the "Deposit Now" button. After making a deposit, deposited amount will be credited to your 'account earnings' automatically.

You can request for an ads account, reach out to us via the 'contact us' page or send a request to us via email

Login into your Dashboard, click on the top menu ☰ , from the menu ☰ list, go to referral - referred users. From the menu list, you can also access your user-commissions via the 'commissions' page.

We normally pay per every 5 referrals you make, starting from N5,500. Amount we pay per 5 referral depends on how much the Advertisers are bidding at the moment. There is no fixed amount. Our level 1 referral bonus, also called a *tree commission* this means you'll also earn 30% of what your referrals make. If a referred user earns N1,500 satoshi for viewing an advert, you'll get a N450 tree commission.

As of 20th August 2021, We aren't accepting VIP plan users at the time, You can as well continue with a Popular Plan. Ignore the plan price tag, VIP membership account is totally FREE. If you meet up with the requirements, you can contact our live chat support and request for one. Verification process normally takes around 30-45mins. Features_ depending on your social profile/page stats and in an agreement with you, we can generate a fixed amount in which you'll earn per 10 referrals you make. Features_ VIP users can view up to 110 adverts daily, Also with a 50% tree commission.

If you're logged into your Dashboard, your total Earnings are displayed via 'Account Earnings' You get paid in any of the supported Cryptocurrencies, directly to your wallet. Mulabucks pays its users (viewers) weekly, you can request for a withdrawal anytime and get paid at the end of the week.